DATE EVENT/ASSIGNMENT Reported/Location Duty

November 14, 1861 - April 24, 1862

To duty, Brooklyn Navy Yard

(endorsed by Commodore H. Paulding;  unable to obtain family quarters)

New York, NY Navy Yard

April 24, 1862 - September 29, 1862

To duty, USS Sabine

(signed by H. Paulding)

New York, NY Blockade

September 29, 1862 - August 12, 1864

To duty, US Naval Academy at Newport, RI, and Practice Ship US Frigate Constitution

(signed by Gideon Welles, SecNav, addressed to New London, CT)

Newport, RI Instructor

April 23, 1863

Report to Philadelphia Navy Yard to take charge of eight Landsmen and bring them to the Naval Academy

(endorsed by Commodore G. S. Blake, Superintendent)

Philadelphia, PA  

June 16, 1864

Orders to proceed to USS Marblehead (gunboat) to take charge of detachment and deliver to New York, and then return to US Naval Academy

(signed by G. S. Blake, Superintendent, addressed to USS Constitution, Newport)

Newport, RI  

August 12, 1864 - June 23, 1865

Detached from Practice Ship US Frigate Constitution, to duty US Steamer Vanderbilt, at New York

(signed by Gideon Welles, SecNav;  endorsed by R. Adm. H. Paulding)

New York, NY N. Atlantic Patrol

July 1, 1865 - September 22, 1865

To duty, US Sloop Constellation, at Norfolk

(signed by T. Drayton;  endorsed by Capt. J. M. Berrien, July 1, 1865)

Portsmouth, VA (returned home)

September 25, 1865 - 1870

Detached from US Sloop Constellation, to duty at Naval Magazine, Norfolk Navy Yard

(signed by T. S. Jenkins;  endorsed by J. M. Berrien)

Portsmouth, VA Navy Yard (OIC duty at Naval Magazine, Norfolk through December 4, 1866)


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