"A Land Beyond The Sea" Debuts


A new song has been written by a descendant of "Old Ironsides" immigrant George Sirian, celebrating the ten-year-old Greek boy's arrival in the United States aboard the USS Constitution on July 4, 1828.

"A Land Beyond The Sea" imagines how the young boy might have felt when the becalmed Constitution finally cleared Gibraltar and headed out into open water, heading for a new land and a new life for this survivor of the 1824 massacre on his home island of Psara.

The song debuted at the 2005 San Diego Festival of Sail and will be featured on the upcoming CD by the San Diego-based folk band The Westlin Weavers.  Singer/songwriter Jeanne McDougall, a great-great-granddaughter of George Sirian, wrote and recorded the song for the CD.

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