Maps of George Sirian's USS Constitution Travels


Greece, 1827

Mediterranean, 1827-1828

North Atlantic, 1828

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George Sirian served three separate tours of duty aboard the USS Constitution.

From 1827-1828, he served as a Boy and an Ordinary Seaman when the Constitution was in the Aegean, primarily in the waters around Athens (Greece), and Smyrna/Izmir (Turkey).  The Constitution left Gibraltar in 1828 and proceeded across the Atlantic to the eastern seaboard of the United States, arriving in Boston, Massachusetts on July 4, 1828.

From 1844-1846, George served as the Gunner aboard Constitution during its famed round-the-world cruise.

During the American Civil War, George taught gunnery to young cadets aboard Constitution, which had been transformed into a training vessel, at the US Naval Academy, temporarily relocated to Newport, Rhode Island due to hostilities further south.