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The information presented on this site is drawn from primary sources including:  warrants, orders, papers, personal documents and books including the family bible, and other materials from George Sirian's own private collection;  log books and other records from ships and stations where he served;  journals and other papers written by family and other persons who knew or sailed with George;  and other records.  Places where the record is supplemented by family information or oral tradition are clearly indicated.

We are pleased and proud to have an agreement with George Sirian's last surviving great-grandson, who is widely recognized by the Navy and several museums as the foremost authority on George's history and family.  It is he who owns George’s original effects passed to him by earlier generations.  He recalls clearly his personal acquaintance in earlier life with several who had known the great man in life, including one daughter and several grandchildren. It was also he, together with his wife, who painstakingly researched details of the story over several decades.  Though now elderly himself, he has agreed to make every practical effort to reply individually to each serious question regarding George Sirian which is passed to him through this Web site.  This is surely a unique and outstanding opportunity to gain the most accurate account of this remarkable epic.  Some of you reading this might have seen the exhibits in the museums, or read accounts of the Navy award, or simply have learned the small part of the epic posted on this Web site.  Now, you can ask any remaining questions you have of this important source.  In return, he asks only that you be serious and specific in your intent, and that you understand the time limitations imposed upon him by age.  To submit a question, write to info at

Certain other materials that appear on this site have been contributed by various institutions and individuals that play a role in telling George's story -- a partial list appears below.  We are grateful for their support, and encourage you to visit those whose links appear on the links page.

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